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"I had contemplated having this procedure for a number of years..."

I had contemplated having this procedure for a number of years, yet I delayed and continued to live with aches and pains of the varicose veins. When I met Dr. Draughn and his staff, I realized this could be helped.  -Linda Huffman

"I am so proud of how my legs look! "

I am so proud of how my legs look! Everyone on Dr. Draughn’s staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Draughn cares about you. I advise anyone who want their legs done to go to Vein Specialists of the Carolinas, they are good. -Ruth Costner

"I could not be more happy!"

One year after having had varicose vein surgery with Dr. Draughn (and spider vein treatments with Beverly), I could not be more happy! The discomfort in my lower leg is gone, my calves are actually the same size again (for the first time in 15+ years!).

"I really had no idea how much help this procedure would bring to me. "

I now sleep much better than before, no more restless legs! My legs also look much better than before the surgery which was an added plus. Thank you, Dr. Draughn for all your patience and help. -Frances Crocker

"I came to Vein Specialists of the Carolinas with a large amount of varicose veins, ankle swelling, constant leg fatigue, and pain."

I was told that I would have a series of procedures to correct my vein problems. Each visit was thoroughly explained to me and the procedures went just as expected. Most procedures were relatively painless. The entire staff at Dr. Draughn’s office is welcoming and friendly. They do everything in their power to make each visit as stress free and comfortable as possible. After my first procedure on each leg, I immediately experienced improvement…

"Choosing Dr. Draughn in the treatment of my varicose veins turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made."

Not only do I feel that he was competent, but he made it a point to make me feel extremely comfortable. To add to this, he has a WONFERFUL staff. They are the kindest group of people that I have EVER encountered in a doctor’s office. They were always happy to see me and acted like I mattered…

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you’ve done to help me."

My friends and colleagues that recommended you so highly were right. You took the time to listen to me and addressed each of my concerns and questions completely, never making me feel that you needed to rush on to your next patient. I appreciate that you explained my diagnosis and the IVUS procedure with stents so thoroughly. Your bedside manner and sense of humor are a bonus!
In addition, everyone on your staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient…

"When I came to Dr. Draughn with my vein problem, I had ulcers that my family doctor or wound clinic could not get healed for almost a year."

It only took Dr. Draughn about one month to get them healed. Then he treated all my veins in my legs and now I am pain free. I would recommend him to anyone. -Margie Farrello

"My experience with Dr. Draughn and the staff at Vein Specialists of the Carolinas was excellent."

I highly recommend them to anyone in need of treatment. -Linda White

"This Surgery was quick, painless and worked miracles."

It eliminated pain that was preventing me from sleeping. Dr. Draughn was considerate and delivers what was promised. I literally was able to go about my normal business the next day. -R.S., Gastonia, NC

"I received an immediate diagnosis, was scheduled for surgery quickly and the results have been a miracle."

“I was referred to Dr. Draughn because of leg pain. I received an immediate diagnosis, was scheduled for surgery quickly and the results have been a miracle. The day after surgery, I was able to resume my normal schedule without any problems. Even better I can sleep without pain. Dr. Draughn was considerate during the surgery and you can tell he takes pride in his work. He gets an A+ from me! -B.F., Charlotte, NC

"I would highly recommend Dr. Draughn (his staff too) to anyone who needs a vein specialist."

He is excellent and very knowledgeable about the newest and latest technology relating to vein closures. It is a relatively easy procedure with little or no pain involved. My knees and legs are pain free now for the first time in a couple of years. -Patricia Hux Charlotte, NC

"Dr. Draughn is great."

He explains your situation so you understand whats happening, and lets you make the decisions. The staff is great too. Everyone is really friendly and treats you with respect. I have a really enjoyable experience every visit. -E.D., Charlotte, NC

"You guys are awesome. "

Thanks so much for changing my life. Actually you’ve changed 3 peoples lives in 1 family (that’s mine) congrads. So shine fondly. -D.S., Charlotte, NC

"After several procedures I now can enjoy my quality of life again"

From 8-12 hours. This is my quality of life. Before my procedure, I have had bad swelling in both lower legs as well as pain and heaviness. After several procedures I now can enjoy my quality of life again with no swelling, pain or heaviness. I honestly thank God for sending me to VSC.

"Dr. Draughn and the staff at VSC have given me a piece of my life back."

I cry tears of happiness at being able to continue to enjoy my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Draughn and staff! -Charlotte, NC

"I would recommend Vein Specialists of the Carolinas and vein surgery to anyone who has leg pain or problems with swelling in their legs."

I had vein surgery and now my legs feel great! No pain and I can do anything I want to do! No more ugly legs!!” Note* (The compression pantyhose are better to wear because it supports your body and legs.) -P.D., Charlotte, NC

"After my first vein surgery I felt complete relief of restless leg syndrome in my right leg."

I now sleep all night without waking up with restless legs. I cannot believe the difference. Truthfully it was almost instant relief!
Thank you Dr. Draughn. -M.B., Charlotte, NC

"After 35 yrs of suffering with Varicose Veins, I had closure surgery on my R leg And the pain stopped immediately. "

The next week I had surgery on my L leg and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and the pain had gone, which gave me more energy and I could stand on my legs for hours without pain or tiredness. -P.K. Charlotte, NC

"I was nervous about having my legs worked on."

But they got to bothering me so bad, I knew I had to get something done. By the middle of the day at work, they would be burning and it felt like I was walking with lead weights around my ankles. After my procedure, I could not believe how good my legs felt, I couldn’t believe the difference it mae. Not only do they feel 100% better, they look a lot nicer too. I recomment anyone who has vein trouble, to get this done. An added plus, was that all the ladies that work here treated me very nice. -W.S. Charlotte, NC

"I am so glad that I saw your television advertisement"

I am so glad that I saw your television advertisement and made the call to your office about my vein problems. From the first evaluation to my last visit the entire staff did a superior job. Now I have legs that feel good and look good too. -C.S. Lincolnton, NC

"Other than a beautiful hightech office, the staff is very friendly and Dr. Draughn is great."

The procedure was the easiest of many many I had over my lifetime. None of them are fun but Dr. Draughn’s expertise and low key humour made me feel very well taken care of.

P.S. My leg looks good again! -E.E. Charlotte, NC


Any vein, anywhere in the body, can become varicose if it doesn’t empty well.


Vein Specialists of the Carolinas focuses EXCLUSIVELY on Vein Disorders…

Dr. David G. Draughn trained as a General Surgeon and has been performing General, Laparoscopic, Vascular and Thoracic surgery in private practice since 1993. In 2006, he focused his practice exclusively on venous disorders.


In the past decade, the evolution of vein treatments has accelerated, giving sufferers more options than ever before.




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8:00am - 4:30pm

Modified hours 1 week/each month:

First week of the month with a Tuesday:  8:00am-5:30pm Mon.-Thurs and Friday: 8:00am-Noon


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