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PMT is the latest technique of dissolving blood clots. Reopening clotted veins has shown to reduce the risk of PTS (Post Thrombotic Syndrome).

How It’s Done

A small catheter is put directly into the clotted vein through a portion of the vein that is not clotted. High pressure pulse spray of the thrombolytic (clot dissolving) agent is delivered to the entire length of the clotted vein. It is left to sit for thirty minutes to penetrate the clot. Then the dissolved clot is suctioned out of the vein with a special technology that will not suck the wall of the vein in or suck out too much normal blood.


  • Only a small amount of thrombolytic is required.
  • Bleeding risk is low.
  • It can be done as an outpatient or in our Charlotte Office Based Surgical Center.


  • Patients can resume normal activities as soon as they feel like it, usually later that day or the next.
  • Compression garments do NOT have to be worn afterwards.  
  • Pain medications stronger than Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin are rarely if ever needed.
  • An ultrasound has to be completed in a few days to make sure the vein has properly closed and no deep vein clots are present.


  • Clots cannot be effectively dissolved if more than 2-3 weeks old.
  • Only proven effective in clots in the upper thigh and pelvis.
  • Dissolving clots in the mid thigh or below does not reduce PTS.
  • Blood thinners will be required after the procedure for months and maybe permanently.





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