This patient describes his painful journey with varicose veins and how Dr. Draughn and his team were able to provide care, relief, and great results!

“I have had varicose veins since my late teens. In 2009 my daughter who is a nurse worked for a vein doctor in another city. Having worked for this practice for a while she explained to me the procedure for removing the bulging veins I had and asked me if I would consider having mine removed. As I had much discomfort and never worn shorts because of embarrassment of how my leg looked I decided to have the procedure done.

Upon completion of the procedure I was amazed how much better my leg felt and looked. I was able to wear shorts for the first time in over 40 years. The doctor at the time told me there was a good chance they would return.
Fast forward to 2018. The varicose veins and discomfort began to return. I asked my daughter what she thought about having the procedure done again and she thought it would be good.

I made an appointment with the Vein Specialists of the Carolinas and had the procedure done again. There were certain processes that were different but for the most part everything was the same. Dr. Draughn and his employees were the greatest. They showed concern, were smiling and overall great to work with.

Today my leg is feeling a lot better and looking good. I would recommend to anyone who has bulging veins or painful swollen legs to make an appointment with the Vein Specialists of the Carolinas and see if they can help you. You’ll be glad you did.”

Are you experiencing painful symptoms of varicose veins? There are treatments available to give you relief and confidence in the way you look.

Contact Vein Specialists of the Carolinas to schedule your appointment today. 
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