Whether you are already seeing the early signs of varicose veins on your lower legs or you are doing your best to ward off those swollen vessels – we have the best summer workouts for healthy veins to keep your veins and your legs in top form all season long.

Summer has officially arrived and with the summer solstice now behind us, there are plenty of warm weather days ahead to enjoy to the fullest. This is the perfect time of year to get your fill of fun in the sun while whipping your legs into shape at the same time.

Take a Walk

Whether you choose to take a stroll around your neighborhood or a hike through the woods, walking is one of the best ways to give those leg veins a workout. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation features an extensive network of trails inside their nature preserves, totaling more than 30 miles of potential pristine walking opportunities. Gastonia County is another good hiking choice, with Crowders Mountain State Park offering trails like the four-mile Pinnacle Trail hike.

You can also take your walking to the beach, where a number of benefits await. Wading in the water or walking on the sand both give your calf muscles the extra challenge they need to fully support your lower leg veins. Walking in the water also keeps you cooler when the thermometer gets too high for other types of outdoor workouts.

If street walking is more your style, Charlotte is the place to go. Take a stroll down one of the main streets in town and enjoy your fill of art and entertainment in addition to your workout. Check out The Green for a relaxing respite of green lawns and water fountains.

Ride a Bike

Mountain biking is another popular pastime in the mountainous areas around North Carolina. Biking is an excellent low-impact activity that gives your calf muscles a good workout without overtaxing your joints. When your calf muscles flex, they help to push blood back up the legs to the heart, giving those hard-working lower leg veins a much-needed rest.

Some of our favorite mountain biking spots in the state include Tsali Recreation Center and Kerr Scott Trails. However, if you are looking for something a bit closer to home, Charlotte boasts Sherman Branch Park, Back Yard Trails and USNWC along the Catawba River. Clarks Creek Greenway and Col. Francis Beatty Park are also nearby and perfect for enjoying a day of bike riding in the glorious North Carolina outdoors.

Take a Dip

You can choose to swim in a community pool, lake or even the ocean when you are looking for the best swimming holes around Charlotte. Swimming is another low-impact exercise that gives your veins an excellent workout. In addition, swimming is an effective cardiovascular activity that keeps your heart and your entire cardiovascular system in top condition.

Favorite natural swimming holes close to Charlotte include White Lake, a natural crater where you can always see the bottom. Sliding rock is a popular choice for the whole family, with a 60- foot slide down a natural rock formation. Lake Lure offers its own beach, crystal clear water and breathtaking views of the mountains. If the ocean is more your style, beaches within a short drive from Charlotte include Myrtle Beach and Wrightsville Beach.

Try a Fitness Class

When the temperature start to soar, it’s time to take your summer workout indoors. The good news is there are plenty of good fitness classes to choose from that will help you maintain your program without missing a beat. If you are looking for low-impact, consider a water aerobics course. These classes allow you to work up a sweat while protecting your joints with the buoyancy of the water. Other options might be a spin class that keeps you on the stationary bike and takes you through a full workout just like if you were on a mountain trail.

You can also opt to do some strength training indoors, but exercise some caution here. Working out with weights that are too heavy may actually strain those veins you are trying to protect. Opt for lighter weight and more repetitions to create smooth, sculpted legs without stressing your vascular system.

Tips for Safe Successful Workouts for Healthy Veins

No matter what type of workouts you choose, we have a few tips to ensure those sessions are both safe and effective:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The hot North Carolina sun can strip your body of much- needed moisture quickly, so keep that water bottle close at hand and take frequent drinks.
  • Include some stretching or a short jog before your workout to warm up your muscles and get them ready for the work ahead. More stretching after your workout prevents painful muscles later in the day.
  • Up your intake of important nutrients like magnesium and calcium that feed your muscles to prevent cramping and promote lean muscle mass.
  • Keep your clothing loose and comfortable. Constricting your body, particularly around the middle during workouts can increase stress on your lower leg veins and actually make varicose veins more likely

Treating Varicose Veins

If you already have painful varicose veins that are keeping you from enjoying the summer months to the fullest, the professionals at Vein Specialists of the Carolinas can help. We offer a variety of minimally-invasive vein treatments that eliminate both the unsightly vessels and their painful symptoms. These treatments range from tried-and- true injectable procedures to state-of- the-art technology using lasers or radio-frequency energy to eradicate varicose veins.

All of our vein treatments are performed in our office on an outpatient basis. Some procedures involve the use of local anesthesia while others don’t require any type of anesthetic at all. The majority of our procedures are completed in less than one hour and you are able to return to your regular activities as soon as treatment is over. Any possible side effects after the procedure are minimal and will subside on their own within a matter of days.

Make the most of this season by keeping your veins in top health with activities you can enjoy outdoors. If painful varicose veins are getting in the way of your enjoyment of the season, don’t suffer any longer. Contact Vein Specialists of the Carolinas today at 704-544-5245 or 704-861-2072 to find out which of our vein treatments is the right choice for you.


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