“Hello my name is Linda H.Bolin. My story is a long one but I hope will be very beneficial to some who may be suffering with pelvic pain the way I did since I was 19/20 years old.

I found out around that age that I had Endometriosis and was treated for that for many years with Laparoscopy procedures 4 or 5 time to remove adhesions. My end result after having one child was a hysterectomy which you would think would have help the pelvic pain. I continued to suffer with pelvic pain for years to the point that my female told me that he had done pretty much all he could do. His last recommendation was to go pelvic floor therapy. I am a cosmetologist and have been for 32 years so that does have alot of wear and tear on body. I was made to believe your just getting older and you have more aches and pains as you get older which is very true but I knew there had to be something else. I decided to go have my legs and veins checked out because so many hairstylist have trouble with legs after many years so I just wanted to see. I was referred by a client to Dr Draughn at Vein Specialists and what came next I was not prepared for. He was such a nice man and his staff was excellent. He began doing test starting with legs. I talked to him about my past history of pelvic pain so he did a pelvic ultrasound. The results showed a significant iliac vein compression. I had never heard of any like that. It is called May-Thurner syndrome/pelvic congestion syndrome. I has everything to do with your veins and arteries. So after very careful consideration and talking about the situation Dr Draughn placed stents in that opened up this compression. My life has completely changed. No more pelvic pain, leg swelling and painful intercourse. I would have never dreamed I would feel so much better after all these years. I cannot believe that I and alot of women suffering in pain everyday because we dont know and this is not recognized as it should be.

So please if you are a woman with any unexplained pelvic pain or issues please go see Dr Draugh at Vein Specialists of the Carolinas. He is an amazing doctor. Thank you Dr Draughn and your staff.”




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