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1.1      Welcome

1.2      Meet Dr. Draughn

1.3      What Makes Us Unique?



2.1      More About David G. Draughn, MD, FACS, RVT, RPVI

2.2      Meet the Staff  (put all under same link)

Paul Putterman, MD

Katherine Fernandez, PA

Keisha Fenton

Terry Adolphson

Lindsay Zerbel

Kate Boyle

Mariel Matheus

Rachel Teague

Geneva Black

Debbie Cox

Evelyn Amaya

Nichole Fox


  1. Vein Disorders

3.1      The Big Picture

3.2      Spider Veins

3.3      Varicose Veins

3.4      Leg Swelling

3.5      Phlebitis

3.6      DVT

3.7      Post Thrombotic Syndrome

3.8      Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

3.9      Venous Leg Ulceration

3.10    May Thurner Syndrome

3.11    Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

3.12    Nutcracker Syndrome

3.13    Lymphedema


  1. Vein Procedures

4.1      The Big Picture

4.2      Closure Fast

4.3      Clarivein

4.4      Varithena

4.5      VenaSeal

4.6      Microphlebectomy

4.7      Sclerotherapy

4.8      Intravenous Ultrasound

4.9      Venoplasty & Stenting

4.10    Venous Embolization

4.11    Ven Cava Filter (IVC)

4.12    PharmacoMechanical Thrombectomy


  1. Before and After



  1. Patient Testimonials


  1. Blogs


  1. Garments and Products

8.1      How to measure for Compression Garments

8.2      Compression Garments

8.3      Other

Dott and Donner, Magnide Off and On, Wedge Pillow, It Stays, Comprefit


  1. Patient Center

9.1      What to Expect

9.2      What to Bring

9.3      FAQs

9.4      Insurance

9.5      Patient Forms

9.6      Privacy Policy

9.7      Patient Portal


  1. Contact Us (both offices under this link not separate)

Gastonia Office

Charlotte Office


Where to put the following?

Vascular Lab




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