Registered Nurse Sclerotherapy Job Description

Reports To:  Medical Director (Dr. David Draughn), COO, Office Supervisor

Definition of Position:

  • Consult with patients regarding an appropriate plan of care/course of treatment for the patient’s spider veins, varicose veins and/or venous insufficiency
  • Provide treatment that might include ultrasound guided Injections or other endovenous procedures performed by the physician utilizing the safer, more effective and minimally invasive, treatment options that are available to patients today
  • Perform procedures that include treating surface “spider veins” with sclerotherapy, removing trapped blood; performing patient consultations; maintaining an adequate supply of solutions, filled syringes and other medical supplies; respond to patient calls regarding medical conditions & emergencies; and assist physician with diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders
  • Practice with a significant level of independence and autonomy with a keen awareness when to consult with the Medical Director
  • Assist in practice development through professional networking

Job Eligibility Requirements:

  • Graduation from an approved nursing program, RN preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a clinical environment
  • Ongoing maintenance of nursing license and Basic Life Support (CPR) certification
  • Will be trained as a Sclerotherapist

Typical Physical Demands:

  • Full range of body motion including lifting up to 40 pounds and handling patients, as well as manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.  Job involves standing and walking.
  • Lift and carry up to 40 lbs. or moving patients
  • Normal visual acuity and hearing ability are required
  • May work under stressful conditions
  • Ability and willingness to learn about vascular disease


Performance Requirements:

  • Evaluate cosmetic patient consultations and develop a quality treatment plan
  • Assist the physician, as needed, in performing designated procedures
  • Perform medical and cosmetic sclerotherapy procedures on patients
  • Manage the medical assistant workflow assigned to the sclerotherapy clinical area
  • Monitor patient and provide appropriate care during the patient’s recovery period
  • Politely and professionally respond to patient telephone calls regarding medical conditions and emergencies; triage calls as needed
  • Evaluate the patient’s treatment plan on an ongoing basis
  • Perform follow up visits/ post ops
  • Provide patient education and/or educate their families about preventative care, medical issues and the use of prescribed medical post procedure orders, treatments and/or medications
  • Maintain the Emergency Drug Box; order and maintain the proper inventory of medical supplies; and insure treatment rooms are stocked appropriately by clinical personnel.
  • Mix Sclerotherapy medications daily and store according to drug specifications
  • Track and document the effectiveness of treatment through photos and notes in the EMR
  • Help with insurance audits when they are requesting records
  • Insure that patient records are accurate and complete including notes to appropriately document patient’s treatment and activity. Facilitate evaluation of records by physicians, peers and Quality and Standards according to established protocols
  • Monitor and enforce all OSHA policies and guidelines as “OSHA & Safety Officer”
  • Insure compliance with policies and procedures required for Quality Assurance; act in compliance with the legal rules and regulations that apply to this position.
  • Maintain the highest skill level for the safest and most effective delivery of treatment according to VSC accepted clinical guidelines.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service and promote patient satisfaction.
  • Participate in the physician’s practice building activities along with and independent of the physician, the Medical Liaison, and other members of the staff. These might include Lunch and Learns and other patient and peer education initiatives; networking events; referral programs.
  • Develop strong relationships with co-workers and other clinic staff, providing support as needed; assist with day to day office functions
  • Assist with other day to day office functions as needed


Work Attributes and Competency Criteria

  • Job knowledge and skills – application of knowledge, skills, & experience in performing the job tasks
  • Quality of Work – accuracy, attention to detail, neatness, & effective completion of assignments
  • Productivity – efficiency, timeliness, & consistency of work production; effectiveness of prioritizing work enthusiasm, & organization.
  • Communication/Listening Skills – verbal & written skills for communication by phone, face to face, writing & EMR
  • Work Relationships and Team Player – ability to maintain effective working relationships with others; works as a team player and cooperation and conscientiousness.
  • Reliability – degree of supervision needed to carry out tasks to completion and to meet job goals; willingness to accept responsibility.
  • Judgment – ability to make effective independent decisions when problems arise; analytical; use of common sense.
  • Work habits – dependability in attendance and punctuality.
  • Learning Ability – ability to accept, absorb, and apply new knowledge.
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