Cosmetic Sclerotherapy sessions used to treat spider veins are an easy and mostly pain-free treatment.

When making an appointment with VSC for spider veins, we feel it is important to know if there is a larger underlying problem.

  • If your legs do not hurt and just look bad, an ultrasound is probably not needed. After a brief evaluation to make sure it is safe, sclerotherapy can be done at the initial visit
  • If your legs do have discomfort or other problems, we prefer to do an ultrasound at your first visit and decide on treatment plans after the ultrasound that same day
  • Our appointment schedulers will help you with this decision.

Some patients may experience slight discomfort or itching depending where the spider veins are located. The sessions generally last about 30 minutes and patients are able to immediately return to daily activities with compression garments on. You may notice some slight bruising, but this should subside within a couple of weeks.


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