Varicose veins can be more than a cosmetic embarrassment, they can be downright painful for some sufferers.

Those swollen vessels are usually caused by an underlying vein disorder that affects the flow of blood in the veins, leading to weakening of the veins and varicosity. While varicose veins can be unsightly and uncomfortable any time of year, they are particularly troublesome in the warm weather months for a variety of reasons.

The warmer temperatures of summer can be most uncomfortable for varicose vein sufferers. Hotter weather causes veins to dilate, which can make uncomfortable symptoms like aching and swelling of the lower legs even worse. Inflammation can also increase during this time, which also exacerbates the discomfort and swelling frequently associated with varicose veins.

When the cooler temperatures of fall arrive, varicose veins often get some relief. The swollen vessels may become slightly smaller, which means less discomfort and cosmetic embarrassment. At the same time, long pants allow for those unsightly vessels to be safely hidden under clothing.

One of the biggest reasons to seek vein treatment during cooler weather is the need for compression. Most insurance companies will not cover any type of vein treatment until compression therapy is used for a prescribed period of time. Patients that undergo more permanent vein treatments may also be required to wear compression stockings for a period of time after treatment to encourage healing to the area and healthy blood flow.

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