IS Unique to Other Vein Practices?

We ONLY treat VEINS.

We not only treat the superficial system of veins...We also treat the deep venous system.

We not only treat veins of the legs...We also treat veins of the pelvis, abdomen, arms, legs, and face.

We not only treat venous reflux...We also treat venous thrombosis and venous blockage.

We not only have IAC accredited Vascular Labs in each office...We also have a AAAHC accredited Office Based Surgical Facility (we meet the same standards and requirements as hospitals and outpatient surgical centers).

We not only use Endovenous Ablation (like Closure Fast or EVLT) and Sclerotherapy...We also use Clarivein, Varithena, Venaseal, Microphlebectomy, Venous Angioplasty, Stents and Venous Coils.

We not only treat you when procedures are required...We also treat you when they are not.

We don’t just treat you until procedures are no longer needed...We treat you as long as we can help

We will not only treat you to the full extent of our capabilities...We will also refer you to national and world experts with whom we have personal relationships.

We TRULY Care About Your Vein Health!

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