People often think of health and fitness as a chore, an obligation, or something to check off the list. At Vein Specialists of the Carolinas, we believe that taking care of your body can also be a lifestyle to enjoy. It’s a choice you will never regret, and that is why it is never too late to start finding new ways to boost your physical and mental well-being. Summer is the perfect time to establish healthy routines that will leave you feeling energized and strong all year long.

Take a Walk

Finding activities which support the health of your veins and improves circulation is easier than you might imagine. The first step is simply to get up and walk. Walking is the most tried and true form of exercise. It is a low-impact activity with surprisingly dramatic benefits and results. It not only reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease, but it also lowers your cholesterol, tones your muscles and helps you lose excess weight throughout the body. As an added bonus, it is also likely to improve your mood by naturally releasing endorphins.

What does all of this do for your veins? As walking strengthens your calf muscles, the constant flexing also increases blood flow throughout the legs. Even a 30-minute walk every day can make a significant impact on your veins and overall health.

Start Pedaling

Another low-impact activity that does wonders for veins is bicycling. Like walking, the calf muscles are activated improving blood flow yielding widespread benefits from lowering blood pressure to losing weight. Even if you don’t own a bike, there are exercises you can do at home with similar advantages such as lying on your back, putting your legs in the air and pedaling. This will aid the blood flow from the veins back to your heart. Wearing compression socks while you are riding can also help support your circulation and minimize varicose veins.

Get Involved

Summer has the added advantage of offering opportunities to get involved in community activities such as local festivals, marathons, or family days at the pool. By staying informed about the latest events, you can get involved, meet some of your neighbors and improve your health. The body is made to move. Whether running across the park, throwing a frisbee with a friend, or swimming a few laps, it won’t take long before you see and feel the benefits.

All of this is an excellent foundation for the overall strength and condition of your veins. Supplement your active lifestyle with a visit to Vein Specialists of the Carolinas. We can provide you with a full vein assessment to ensure that you are fit for the season. If we detect a potential problem, we also offer a variety of treatments to eliminate vein disorders and their painful symptoms.

Call Vein Specialists of the Carolinas today at 704-861-2072 (Gastonia) or 704-544-5245 (Charlotte). We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Make fitness a part of your fun this summer. Take the opportunity to create a lifestyle which thrives in both health and happiness. Your veins will thank you!

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