Cold weather months aren’t “all bad” for your vein health.

Facts show that your veins can actually benefit from the winter weather months. During summer time the hot temperatures can disrupt circulation. The hot weather causes blood to “pool” in the veins resulting in dilation. So the lower temperatures typically shrink veins which result in better blood flow and circulation. This in turn can reduce common varicose vein symptoms like cramping and swelling.

However during the winter months people become less active and are not as motivated to exercise and go outdoors. The holidays can also result in more travel time which means sitting for longer periods of time in a car or plane. This of course can have an impact on blood flow and circulation. So just remember to stay as active as possible and when you travel – take “stretch” breaks to keep that blood flow moving freely.

Get more information about varicose veins and their Symptoms.  If you have any questions or concerns – now is a good time to schedule a vein screening! Our varicose vein treatments can help you look better and feel better. The results are undeniable! You can get these results too.

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