Treatment of Venous Disease begins with a thorough evaluation by a Vein Specialist which includes a physical exam and ultrasound of your lower extremities.

At Vein Specialists of the Carolinas Dr Draughn thoroughly evaluates all of his patients to accurately diagnose their vein problems before recommending the best possible treatment for their specific needs. If you are scheduling your initial consultation and evaluation, we have the basics you need to know to prepare for your appointment.

Reasons for a Vein Evaluation

You may schedule your vein evaluation for different reasons. One of the most common reasons patients call our office is because they have large, swollen varicose veins they would like to eliminate. However, you may also want an assessment due to physical symptoms you are experiencing, with or without the presence of visible varicose veins. Those symptoms might include:

  • Heaviness or fatigue in the lower legs at the end of the day
  • Aching or swelling of the lower extremities
  • Leg cramps or a restless sensation in the legs at night
  • Changes to the skin of the lower leg
  • The formation of open sores on the lower leg, usually around the ankle

These symptoms are often an indication of an underlying condition known as superficial venous reflux. This condition is characterized by damage to lower leg veins, rendering them no longer able to move blood effectively through the veins efficiently. The blood begins to pool or reflux inside the vein, leading to swelling, weakening and the eventual appearance of a varicose vein.

When we diagnose superficial venous reflux in its earliest stages, we can treat the problem before some of the symptoms of late stage venous disease listed above arise. This is why it is helpful to schedule a vein assessment at the first signs of a possible problem, rather than waiting until you see skin changes that could be permanent or open sores that may be difficult to treat.

What to Expect during Your Appointment

During your vein evaluation, you can expect Dr. Draughn to perform the following:

Diagnostic Ultrasound: This painless procedure uses a handheld ultrasound probe to deliver sound waves into the leg. The sound waves create images of the veins inside, which detect changes in the blood flow. Dr. Draughn then reads the study to determine if there are changes indicating venous reflux.

Digital Photographs and Measurements: This portion of the examination will prepare you for compression garments that your insurance company may require you to wear before vein treatments. They may are also worn after vein procedures to expedite healing. These socks provide gradient pressure that improves blood flow in the lower leg and can relieve some of the symptoms you might currently be experiencing. However, compression garments will not “cure” your condition.

Physical Examination: This is typically performed with you in a standing position to give Dr. Draughn an accurate view of the current condition of your veins. During this process, Dr. Draughn will also get your personal and family medical history.

Once these components of the examination are completed, Dr. Draughn will sit down with you and review the results of the ultrasound examination and any other information he was able to collect during the evaluation. He will work with you to create a personalized treatment program that will provide you with the best possible outcome.

When you arrive for your evaluation, bring your insurance information and any questions you might have. You can bring a pair comfortable shorts to your appointment or a disposable pair of shorts will be provided for you to make the examination as easy as possible. Dr. Draughn and the rest of his staff will make sure your visit to Vein Specialists of the Carolinas is comfortable, informative and productive.

Don’t suffer from the embarrassment or pain of vein disorders. Contact Vein Specialists of the Carolinas at 704-861-2072 or 704-544-5245 to schedule your vein evaluation today.

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