During the month of August we will see some of the hottest days of the year so it is a good time to understand how the heat affects your veins.

Heat can play a role in why your veins are so visible. With increased temperatures, veins will dilate and expand. This expansion adds stress to the vein wall and can be painful or crampy. With blood pooling under the skin from hot weather, you may notice blue ropey looking veins on your hands. It is always a good time to consider having your veins checked by a specialist. Not only will you feel better you will look better!

All Vein Treatments Are Designed To Help The Veins Empty The Tissues.

Some treatments destroy veins and some open them up. There are two systems of veins: Superficial and Deep. We provide the most complete care for superficial and deep vein procedures in our offices. Click here to lean more! https://veinscarolina.com/vein-treatments/

How Do I Know If I have A Vein Disorder and Should Seek Treatment?

  • Anyone with swelling of the legs.

  • Anyone with red or brown skin discoloration of the lower legs.

  • Anyone with nonhealing wounds of the lower legs.

  • Anyone diagnosed with phlebitis or DVT.

  • Anyone with bleeding from veins.

  • Anyone with varicose or spider veins who wants their legs to look better and feel better.

  • Anyone with Lymphedema.

You can help manage your varicose veins in the summer heat by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and wearing compression garments. These 3 things can reduce inflammation and swelling in your legs.

Today, most patients with any level of venous insufficiency can be treated in an office setting with excellent outcomes. Most evaluations and treatments are covered by health insurance. If you have concerns about your vein health please set up an appointment or call our office today.

“All We Do Is Veins, All Day Every Day.”




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