Anyone who travels long distances in a sitting position is at risk for leg complications.

Wearing compression socks or stockings can help prevent these problems and will greatly increase your comfort along the way. Whether you travel by plane, train, or car, one drawback of traveling is that it requires you to sit for long periods of time with restricted leg mobility.

The nasty thing about “traveler’s thrombosis”: Symptoms often only occur a few days or even weeks after your trip.

Risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) increases four times when travel extends four hours or more and requires you to remain seated. Graduated compression improves circulation by helping veins circulate blood back to the heart more effectively. It works by applying gentle compression at the ankle then gradually less compression further up the leg.

Our staff at Vein Specialists of the Carolinas love wearing their Sigvaris Group USA compression garments! We offer Sigvaris compression garments in both Gastonia and Charlotte! Come in to be fitted by our certified fitters and see how compression can benefit you.

For more information on our our compression garments including styles, measuring, and ordering go here:

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